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Small Business Cyber Attacks are on the Rise


One Tree at a Time

    Did you know that a single tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper? It takes a lot of paper, and a lot of trees to run a business. We help our clients turn that impact around through our partnership with Print ReLeaf, an organization that permits businesses to certifiably reduce their environmental impact. Their PrintReLeaf Exchange is a patented software platform that tracks usage and drives ...

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Head in the Cloud?

  More and more organizations are moving into the cloud, in fact according to a study by Cisco, cloud adoption has more than doubled in the past 2 years. Yet there are broad implications for pushing company data beyond a traditional firewall.

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Keeping Paper Weights Straight


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Here We Grow Again: SumnerOne's Two Recent Acquisitions

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A Primer on Software, Licensing and Copyright Laws

Software makes businesses work. Period. But knowing what software makes sense and understanding how to manage it can be a challenge. It is a sophisticated tool and is almost always copyrighted. While open source software can make sense in some very limited scenarios, most often companies need to license software. Managing those licenses and adhering to the installation and use according to the ...

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New Logo Gets Creative Juices Flowing at SumnerOne

Ever played that game where you look up at passing clouds and point out objects, as in “that one looks like a teddy bear”, or “that one has the profile of Uncle Harry!”. 

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