October 26, 2016

Is It Time to Replace Your Copiers?

Written by SumnerOne


Are you trying to get a few more years out of your aging printers and copiers? At first look, it may seem like waiting to upgrade is a good way to cut costs. But when it comes to your office technologies, waiting may be costing your Kansas City company more than you realize.

When Is Old Too Old?

Most companies embrace the newest technologies when it comes to smartphones systems and laptop computers. Everyone knows that waiting too long can cause a host of problems with operating systems, and it may even cause security issues.

The prevailing wisdom, however, seems to be that if your copiers are still working, why bother to replace them? The truth is, those aging devices could be costing your Kansas City organization some serious money. Here's how:

1. Expensive Downtime

Downtime may be costing your company thousands. The issue includes more than just the cost of repairs and parts. Unplanned downtime can put projects on hold, wasting valuable employee hours and putting customer satisfaction at risk.

If you're not sure how downtime affects your organization, try to calculate the true cost per hour and then assess the risk factor.

2. Expensive Maintenance and Support Costs

Maintaining and supporting old copiers can drain revenues in a hurry. Rapidly changing technologies make it too expensive to maintain old devices. It usually makes more sense to replace old technologies than to repair them, and your copiers are no exception.

3. Performance Issues

Old model copiers may be pretty good at copying, but many do little else. Today's copiers deliver amazing workflow capabilities designed to increase efficiency across your organization. If you're not familiar with the newest features, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can realize a sizable return on investment.

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