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24 Years as a Konica Minolta Pro-Tech Partner

Posted by Jaclyn Conley on Mar 7, 2018 12:07:56 PM

For the past 29 years, Konica Minolta has been awarding businesses with their Pro-Tech Service Award. This honor is awarded to their dealers that are committed to providing outstanding customer service and focus on maintaining Konica Minolta products to their optimal performance. In 2017, both SumnerOne St. Louis and Kansas City were awarded  the Pro-Tech Service Award. SumnerOne has been the only dealer in Missouri to be selected for the 24th year in a row.

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Posted by Carrie Grimsley on Mar 5, 2018 1:40:00 PM

 All right…admit it. Who hasn’t wanted to go all Office Space on a misbehaving copier once or twice in their professional career? We’ve heard the desperation in peoples’ voices as they call our office begging for help with one of those rogue printers that showed up on someone’s desk and randomly decides to spew madness. So we thought we’d have a little fun with the idea and kick it up a notch in our Kansas City office while doing a bit of good for our local community with our 2nd Annual Worst Copier in KC event. Our aim was twofold: raise some serious cash for BIGGSteps for Cancer Prevention & replace KC's worst copier with a new Canon MFP valued at $10,000 plus 2 full years of copies and service at a local business in desperate need of a new copier.

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Posted by Liz Sumner on Jul 25, 2017 8:04:00 AM

As technology has improved, the relationship between a sheet of 8 ½ by 11” paper and the mechanical guts of a printer has become more and more like an old married couple. Most days, they get along beautifully and there isn’t a single concern or disruption as they go through their daily routines together.

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Posted by Liz Sumner on Jul 21, 2017 7:30:00 AM

Thanks to a well-known car insurance company, we all know that “mayhem” can wreak havoc on the roadways. But, just like getting stuck trying to change a tire in a heavy rainstorm, you can get stuck bending over a printer, 

trying to change out an ink cartridge, jiggling the USB cable of a non-networked printer that won’t print, or yanking out a paper jam…and then that paper jam turns out to be a co-worker’s birthday party invitation for their kindergartener.

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Checking In On Office Design Trends

Posted by Adam Arras on Feb 7, 2017 10:00:58 AM


In December of 2015, Fast Company published an article predicting the top 8 office design trends for 2016. A year later, we’re curious as to how those predictions have turned out. So we checked in with a few of our clients and colleagues, here’s what we discovered about the top 4 predictions:

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January is National Organization Month – Celebrate in Your Office

Posted by Adam Arras on Jan 17, 2017 10:00:07 AM

The National Association of Professional Organizers declared, in 2005, that January would be henceforth known as Get Organized Month (or GO Month, if you’re in the know). Their effort is dedicated to focusing attention on how getting organized empowers people to regain control over their time, possessions, inboxes and surroundings.  So while we’re not experts in closet clutter, we are experts in document management. So our interpretation of National Organization Month helps enables companies improve productivity and compliance. Here’s how:

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Office New Year’s Resolutions - for a Smarter 2017

Posted by Adam Arras on Jan 11, 2017 10:00:42 AM

Have you ever noticed that New Year’s Resolutions jive perfectly with the start of another fiscal year for many companies?  This year, we’re offering our top New Year’s Resolutions for creating a smart office to help kick your year into high gear while keeping your budget in line:

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