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In Case You Missed Us: Software Updates on Tech Talk with KTRS

Posted by Jaclyn Sindel on Feb 1, 2019 7:30:00 AM

Our devices don't notify us about software updates for no reason, they're trying to protect us. SumnerOne IT expert, Randy Moore, joined the Guy Phillips Show last Friday for Tech Talk to share some advice about those device update you may have been putting off. After this Tech Talk segment on The Big 550 KTRS, you may think again before clicking the "postpone update" button one more time.

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SumnerOne DIY Projects with Large Format Printing

Posted by Jaclyn Sindel on Jan 29, 2019 10:45:00 AM

We're living in a world where DIY projects are taking over. Whether you're into creating crafts, furniture, or other products, there's a good chance you've tested your luck with the DIY trend. At SumnerOne we've been working to grow our crafting skills and use the technology we have available to bring our projects to life. Lately, our large format printers have been our main source of letting our creative juices flow. Here are eight of our favorite projects we've worked on recently by using production print technology:

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In Case You Missed Us: Biometric Data on Tech Talk with KTRS

Posted by Jaclyn Sindel on Jan 24, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Biometric data is being used and collected by a great number of devices that we use every day. Whether you're using your thumb to unlock your smartphone or use facial recognition to gain access to a certain area of your workplace, biometric technology is all around us. Our IT expert, Jeff Groby, headed to the studio at The Big 550 KTRS for Tech Talk to discuss the different uses for this technology. As always, the crew on the Guy Phillips Show was ready to talk about the topic and the latest in technology news.

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In Case You Missed Us: Is Purchasing Used Technology Worth the Risk on Tech Talk with KTRS

Posted by Carrie Grimsley on Jan 18, 2019 9:42:12 AM

You may have considered it when shopping for a new computer, cell phone or smart watch, but is it really worth the cost savings to purchased used technology? We joined the Guy Phillips gang at KTRS for Tech Talk last week to chat about the right way to purchase used equipment to maximize your investment. And, speaking of modern technology, even with the storm of the decade hitting the Midwest, Chadd Haselhorst, was able to call in to be Guy’s technology expert this week without having to be out and about in the blizzard conditions surrounding KTRS’ studio! Together, we cleared the air on how to know if you're buying used or new and some tips to keep in mind to be sure you're not wasting your money on a hunk of old and unusable technology.

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Technology: You Get What You Pay For

Posted by Kristin Claggett on Jan 15, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The old saying was right, you get what you pay for. The common saying also rings true when it comes to the latest technologies of our generation. Sometimes you can find a solid alternative to what you're looking for with a better price. Other times, the savings can also mean sacrificing quality and features. Well-known brands and bigger price tags can lend to the assurance of the quality of what you’re buying. Technology is one a big area where you truly get what you pay for. Springing for the reputable brand or device can make all the difference in the world. I learned this lesson the hard way, and my hope is that others can learn from my mistake and apply this to future technology purchases.

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In Case You Missed Us: Internet of Things on Tech Talk on KTRS

Posted by Jaclyn Sindel on Jan 10, 2019 9:30:00 AM

We joined the group over at The Big 550 KTRS for our first Tech Talk segment of 2019 last week. Our IT expert, Jeff Groby, headed off to the show filled with what information you need to know about Internet of Things (IoT) and how to secure your connected devices at home. Internet of Things is such a technical topic, Jeff broke things down to an easily consumable level for everyone to enjoy.

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7 Business Tech Tips for the New Year

Posted by Jaclyn Sindel on Jan 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Are you operating under a "New Year New Me" mentality? It's time you let your new found motivation carry over into the business and professional side of your life. Sometimes refreshing and resetting your mindset after the rush of the holiday's are all you need to put your best foot forward at work. Check out our top technology tips to get yourself in gear to take on the new year!

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