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So You Say? Amazon Alexa is the Latest in AI Technology!

Posted by SumnerOne on Jun 21, 2017 9:42:00 AM




Amazon Alexa may be the darling of household technologies at the moment, but the implications for business are no less dramatic. AI is driving text-to-speech and the inverse, as well as image recognition. Cousins to Alexa, Amazon Rekognition and Lex are accelerating development in the AI space and it’s coming to businesses with real-time functionality and an affordable price point.

From voice ordering (a la Alexa) to automated accounting solutions (Smacc) and eventually autonomous delivery vehicles, AI is creeping steadily onto the SMB radar.

 But small and medium businesses cannot benefit from AI unless they have the IT infrastructure in place to support it. So while it may be a few years before AI has a significant place in your business plan, now is the time to modernize your IT. Thoughtful migration to cloud resources will give companies of all sizes the scalability to test and adopt new artificial intelligence technology that is on the horizon.


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Originally published June 21, 2017, updated April 25, 2018

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